Debunking Diet Myths

Americans have been known to do anything to lose weight ¡ª this, paradoxically, at a time when overweight and obesity have been rising, currently affecting about one-third of the population.
Fasting, extreme single-food diets, liquid diets, high-protein/low-carb … Or was that high-carb/low-protein? … Many people undertake all of these dietary experiments and more in search of a magical food and nutrient combination that will trim extra pounds.
But what kind of eating plan really works? After all, it’s estimated that an overwhelming majority of Americans who place themselves on restricted diets gain back the weight they’ve lost within a year.
To help you sort through all of the diet confusion and clutter, we asked nutrition expert and cancer-prevention specialist Moshe Shike, M.D. what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to weight loss and cancer prevention. Read what he has to say in our interview: